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Thoughts on the Art of Bonsai

Thoughts on the Art of Bonsai

By Walter J. Scott

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  • Bonsai Ethics

    Bonsai Ethics

    “Ethics – moral principles that govern a person’s behavior or the conducting of an activity” – Encyclopedia Britannica, online edition, September, 2023 Introduction The main area of ethical concern that comes to mind when I think about bonsai art is that of harming living things. I examine this here in order to invite other’s comments… Read more

  • Peace Trees

    Peace Trees

    Trees have been associated with peace for many years. Explore these relationships on World Bonsai Day. Read more

  • American Bonsai or Bonsai in America?

    American Bonsai or Bonsai in America?

    What is “American Bonsai” and how should the ABS define “Native” in the context of American Bonsai as an art form?” – Susan Daufeldt, ABS Newsletter editor. Read more

  • American Bonsai History – Keystone Arts

    American Bonsai History – Keystone Arts

    The story of Keystone Arts shows the power of collaboration between bonsai artists. Read more

  • Judgement Day

    Judgement Day

    There is no bonsai exhibition judging system that will satisfy everyone. But can we do better? Read more

  • Biophilia II

    Biophilia II

    Bonsai practice represents an active and intense human-plant interaction that could, if it were to become more widespread, help to prevent climate change. Read more

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