About Me

By Walter J Scott

Walter J. Scott, MD, FACS

Bonsai practitioner, Writer (Thoughts on the Art of Bonsai blog), Photographer, Emeritus Professor of Surgery (Cardiothoracic).


I hold an MD degree from the University of Chicago. After moving to the Philadelphia region, I studied bonsai with Chase Rosade of Rosade Bonsai. I serve on the Advisory Board of the Pennsylvania Bonsai Society and the Board of the Mid-Atlantic Bonsai Societies. I am a member of the Pennsylvania Bonsai Society, the American Bonsai Society and the ABS Publications Committee. I currently serve as Associate Editor of the ABS Newsletter for the Northeast region.

I am active on Instagram (@artistreebonsai) and publish “Thoughts on the Art of Bonsai” (www.artistreebonsai.com) where I write about the past, present and future of the art of bonsai.

Originally from Chicago, I have lived in Texas, New Mexico and Nebraska before moving with my wife, Christine, to Pennsylvania.

Upcoming COnferences That I will Be Attending

The American Bonsai Society Learning Seminars, Denver, CO. June 8-11, 2023.

The 8th National Bonsai Exhibition, Rochester, NY. September, 2023.


Scott, W. “American Bonsai or Bonsai in America?” 1st Place award winner, “What is American Bonsai?” Essay contest, ABS Learning Seminars, held in Denver, CO, 2023

Get in touch

I am always available for collaboration and speaking engagements. If you want to chat about bonsai, art, design, books, sustainability or climate issues, don’t hesitate to reach out. Mobile: 215-910-2494


Blog, Thoughts on the Art of Bonsai, http://www.artistreebonsai.com

Scott, W. “American Bonsai or Bonsai in America?”, American Bonsai Society Newsletter, August, 2023, p. 1.

Scott, WJ. “How Old is Bonsai Anyway? The Influence of the West on the Development of Japanese Bonsai”, Bonsai, Journal of the American Bonsai Society, 57 (3), 36-39 (2023)

On the Art of Bonsai, Book in preparation, publication in 2023.

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