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By Walter J Scott

Thoughts on the Art of Bonsai

  • Trade Zone

    Review of the 2022 Pacific Bonsai Expo The inaugural Pacific Bonsai Expo was held at the Bridgeyard, an industrial site adjacent to the Port of Oakland, on a strip of land within view of the ships, giant cranes, containers stacked five levels high, and other machinery of the global economy. Billed as a regional bonsai…

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  • How Big Was Naka’s Bird?

    Pacific Bonsai Expo 2022 Special exhibit There were two special exhibits included in this show that underscore the exchange of ideas and perhaps the creative tensions regarding the future of bonsai between East and West. The central area of the exhibit space featured an original art installation by Eric Shrader and Linda Mahara, an origami…

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  • An awareness of not just the size of a bonsai but also of the relationship of bonsai size to the viewer significantly enhances our appreciation of bonsai art.

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